It’s no secret that I love my soup recipes. And that’s probably because in Vietnamese culture, we have either soups or vermicelli bowls for the most part. It’s all I grew up eating, and I wasn’t mad about it. One soup that’s always been a favorite of mine is canh chua which is our version of sweet and sour soup. It is made with pork, catfish, and a load of traditional Vietnamese vegetables. Not only is it healthy, but it’s easy to make and amazingly good, which makes it the perfect soup to have during the holidays.
Canh chua, also known as Vietnamese sweet & sour soup, comes from the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. It includes a tamarind broth filled with fish (typically catfish) from the delta, pineapple, tomatoes, elephant ear stalks, and bean sprouts. And it is usually served with a side of white rice and Ca Kho To. Like with many Vietnamese dishes, there are a ton of different interpretations, and every family has their own version.

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